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Sonics' Schadenfreude!  Echt Blazers!
Largely overlooked by the media is the offseason's most significant acquisition. With a current HIGH5 value of over $7 million Detlef Schremph is a steal at $2 million and may be the Blazers' last link to an NBA title.  10-2-99... make Pippen that last link.
HIGH5 ranks the offseason moves.

Blazers-Rockets trade- will Houston benefit?... Falk believes Maurice Taylor is a $70 million asset??...  So just how much is Shandon Anderson worth?... Will Ron Harper return to the wild, wild West?.... Another example of Eastern media bias?.... A Grizzly tale.... A new playoff format, please!
A playoff team at a bargain price.
'99 NBA draft;
The Eschmeyer - MacCulloch aberration.
Coming in November! opening rankings for the '00 NBA draft.

THE WINNERS... 10-2-99  The Blazers 2 weaknesses; 2-guard and scoring specialists. Smith and Schremph (along with Bonzi Wells) make those problems disappear. The Rockets have been hampered by horrible guard play since their championship years. Francis and Anderson may suddenly make them the contenders they were supposed to be last year. The Raptors may be the most improved team in the East. With the solid additions of Antonio Davis, Mugsy Bogues and Del Curry its not a question of whether they make the playoffs .... can they achieve a first round bye? The Kings: Mitch Richmond's loss is now moot.... Anderson is equal to Richmond, 3 years younger and cheaper. The Suns get Penny without losing Googs. Ollie Miller's tremendous potential may pay off big at minimum wage. The Clippers most likely will only improve through the draft and they received two more first rounders for Wright. This team was so bad any personnel losses are minimal. Lamar Odom and Derek Anderson have star potential. Despite the loss of Ron Harper the Bulls will be far from the bottom this year. The additions of Perdue, Hawkins, Armstrong, Hoiberg and Brand will make them surprisingly competitive. The Warriors will improve with one of the league's premier point guards leading the way.
THE LOSERS: A Grizzly tale (page 4). It shouldn't take the Wizards long to discover the myth of Ike Austin. Ben Wallace is a member of my HIGH5 Sky with a bright future at Orlando. The Hawks were #4 seeds despite all the injuries. They deserved another chance with the same lineup. After a disappointing draft they continue to self destruct.  This may be Wally Walker's last year with the Sonics. Schremph's loss is inexcusable and Brent Barry has been a big disappointment. The Magic will struggle to put the pieces together with no stars. The Heat will regret losing Porter. Parity may rule the Eastern Conference with just about anybody having a shot at the playoffs.

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